Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Top 100 Photos of All Time! Part Three.

Photo Number 89: In a Blast of Snow

Kicking up the snow as the local Section inspects the consist while they're "in the hole", southbound 422 Northlander roars through Val Gagne, Ontario located at Mile 76 of Ontario Northland's Ramore Subdivision November 18, 2011.

Photo Number 88: Drift Clearing at Mile 3

A shot from January 2005 where I catch a side view of 421 Little Bear lead unit GP38-2 1800 clearing out drifting snow accumulated during a blizzard at mile 3 of the Island Falls Subdivision.

Photo Number 87: Rolling In From Hearst

Thundering past Kapuskasing Subdivision's Mile 82, southbound 516 with GP40-2's 2201 and 2202 providing the muscle, makes it's way to Kapuskasing from Hearst to meet up with 313 from Cochrane June 26, 2011.

Photo Number 86: The Mixed

It's August 2003 as I meet up with the power for a Monday morning 421 being lined up by Trainman Phil to pick up the mix of 45 foot trailers on piggyback cars and private vehicles tied down on "chain" cars both of which are loaded at Cochrane Yard's ramp located on the former CN side.

Photo Number 85: It's Cold... Damned Cold

It's January 26, 2004 and the morning's GP38-2 & FP7au Little Bear power await her crew as a snow fighter works the Shops. Yup, that's ice fog. That morning's temperature was a chilly -40 Celsius....BRRR!!!

Watch for "The Top 100 Photos of All Time Part Four" coming soon!


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