Monday, April 8, 2019

March 2019 In Pictures

An extra yard job was called at Cochrane March 4th in order to move over 20 stored cars from a North Yard storage track in order to gain access to ONR's spreader 528. Here we see GP38-2 1800 pulling a string of cars in order to allow Section to remove some of the snow in that area of the yard.

Tim and Shawn haul northbound 113 into Englehart from North Bay March 16, 2019 with SD40-2 1730 and SD75I 2105 on point.

214 on the left is ready to pull after the crew transfers from 113's power on the right at Englehart March 16, 2019.

Welding up a switch frog at Englehart March 16, 2019.

Southbound 308 stands ready to roll at Kidd with SD40-2 1734 on point March 17, 2019. That build up of snow you see was picked up on the "lake bottom" portion of the Ramore Subdivision when the train was northbound.

The morning sunrise bounces off the glistening blue paint of newly acquired APCU's 221 and 220 at Cochrane Shops March 30, 2019.

March 30, 2019's "Saturday Shops Shot" features a view from the air of Ontario Northland's newly acquired APCU's 221 and 220 at Cochrane Shops.
A pogo stick view of APCU 221 providing a closer view of the top of therecently built unit captured at Cochrane Shops March 30, 2019.
Another view of Ontario Northland's recently purchased APCU's captured at Cochrane March 30, 2019.

An "Inter-generational generator" photo captured at Cochrane Shops featuring 205 and 221 March 30, 2019.

Train 999 Work 1735 powers through the community of Ramore ( mile 56 of the Ramore Subdivision) clearing snow and ice build up from a rather notorious winter season March 23, 2019.
The flanger of spreader 529 bites down hard in a flurry of thrown ice and snow as Work 1735 clears the rails of the Ramore Subdivision at Swastika March 23, 2019.

Railroad Photographer Kevin Burkholder of Steel Wheels Photography takes an opportunity to get some close up photos of Heritage liveried SD40-2 1730 at Cochrane Yard March 18, 2019.

Tim and Shawn are busting up the snowdrifts aboard SD75I 2104 as 214 rolls by mile 129 of the Temagami Sub March 15, 2019.

Northbound 213 with Heritage painted SD40-2 1730 on point roars through mile 23 of the Devonshire Subdivision March 18, 2019.

Clearing switches at Kidd (mile 104 of the Ramore Sub) March 17, 2019.

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