Sunday, December 1, 2019

October 2019 In Photos

Cochrane station, sunrise October 10, 2019.
Northbound 423 Polar Bear loads up on the main at Cochrane while an 0900 ordered 313 makes its way to the yard October 13, 2019. 
313 rolls through mile 4.2 of the Kapuskasing Sub bound for Hearst October 13, 2019.
GP38-2's 1809 and 1802 are seen ready to pull October 13, 2019's northbound 423 Polar Bear at Cochrane.
It's fall, and once again its track inspection time across the Ontario Northland system. Here we see a CN Test Train lead by CN GP38-2 4791 overnighting on Cochrane's centre lead after testing the Kapuskasing Subdivision Oct 16, 2019.
CN Test Train with GP38-2 4791 on point overnighting at Cochrane Yard while testing the Ontario Northland system October 16, 2019.
GP38-2 1809 tackles yard duty while CN Test Train Work 4791 is tied down on the centre lead at Cochrane Yard October 16, 2019.
Its the beginning of another beautiful fall day along the Shed #2 track at Cochrane Yard October 19, 2019.
The morning sunrise greets GP38-2 1805 fresh off of a 620 from Moosonee at Cochrane Oct. 19, 2019.
A Cochrane Yard landmark embraces the red skies of the morning October 20, 2019.
The mix of the rising sun and the red skies reflect off the side of 650 series coaches at Cochrane's Coach Yard October 20, 2019.
Another view of the CN Test Train overnighting at Ontario Northland's Cochrane Yard October 16, 2019.
Ontario Northland's newest dining car, the 750, is captured at Cochrane's coach yard with her shiny paint job reflecting the rising sun October 19, 2019.
A very photogenic Cochrane Station covered in frost and highlighted from reflecting the light of the rising sun October 19, 2019.
Framed by 2 7700 series box cars, Cochrane's Yard Job is seen switching the North Yard October 23, 2019.
An interesting consist captured along the Rip at Cochrane Shops October 19, 2019.
GP38-2 1808 tackles the afternoon yard job at Cochrane October 25, 2019.
Ontario Northland's heritage liveried SD40-2 1730 is captured running trail behind SD75I 2104 on 414 at Cochrane October 25, 2019.
GP38-2 1808 handles switching of the south yard at Cochrane October 25, 2019. 
Yard Foreman AJ lines up GP38-2 1808 for the south yard at Cochrane October 25, 2019.
A roster shot of plug door box car 7795 captured at Cochrane October 25, 2019.
A very strong message concerning locomotive boosting greets those who enter APU 203 at Cochrane Shops October 26, 2019.
Cochrane Station's uniquely flagged lamp posts are highlighted by the beautiful morning light October 19, 2019.

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