Monday, May 6, 2019

1730 Up Top!

Ontario Northland's Heritage liveried SD40-2 1730 was sitting in Englehart on May 5, 2019 which allowed myself the opportunity to address the many requests for a view of the topside of the unit for the railroad modelling enthusiasts.

This first photo begins with a view of the Engineer's side of the unit where you can see the the fans, horn, and rear pilot. As you can see the walking areas are all painted a flat black.

This second photo focuses on the details of the long hood and gives you a peek at what the exhaust looks like. You can also see the piping for the horn.

In this photo you get a clear view of the top of the cab. You can see the radio and CDU antenna, the snow shields, and you'll notice the the top of the nose is also painted flat black.

We now look at the Conductor's side where you can see a clearer view of the top of the nose and a really good view of the piping from the original horn location to the later horn location.

In this photo we're at the midway point on the Conductor's side of the unit.

And we wrap it up with a view of the rear section of the Conductor's side of the 1730.

A big Thanks goes out to everyone at Ontario Northland Englehart for their cooperation in capturing these images.


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